Our formulas

Private Events

Traiteur Léonard organizes any type of private event for you thanks to a dynamic professional team and a flexible logistic structure.

Our Formulas from 8 to 10.000 guests


From 8 to 1.000 guests

The Zakouskis Cocktail

The Zakouskis Cocktail
& Sandwiches

The Zakouskis Cocktail
with degustation stands

walking dinner

From 50 to 1.000 guests

The Walking Dinner with Zakouskis

The Walking Dinner with Sandwiches

The stands

Dinner Plates Formula
(followed by an evening with Open Bar)


From 10 to 1.000 guests

The Three-Course Dinner

The Four- or Five-Course Dinner

The Gala-Dinner
(followed by an evening with Open Bar)


From 20 to 1.000 guests

The Country Barbecue

The Fisherman's Barbecue

The Luxury Barbecue


Evening with Open Bar

Evening with Open Bar with stands


Reception with Sandwiches


From 100 to 1.000 guests

The Seated Dinner, followed by a party-evening

Dinner with Stands, followed by a party-evening

Upon request, a personalized and detailed offer will be sent to you.

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